The Truck-load List

Why do we have to put it in a bucket? There are so many things I want to do and see in life, and opportunities to conquer those desires are few and far between. My life has consisted of a lot of “I want” instead of “I have done,” and this blog started as almost a half-push to get my ass going.

travel, states
This is the saddest visit map I’ve ever seen. Add California, Arizona and Texas if you want to count ages 0-1 years.
  • Australia, Philipenes, Galapagos, Brazil, Ireland, Greece, Italy (again), Spain (Again), too many to count. Don’t even get me started on the States. All of them, starting with Alaska. National Parks, State Parks, I want to see it all.
  • Skydiving – this is happening. I just so happen to know a guy…
  • Waterfall Hunting, everywhere. I will hit Rickets Glen, PA and Blackwater Falls, WV this summer.
  • Snorkeling… I would love to scuba but I am terrified of sharks. Need to do it now. Thank you media.
  • And of course, ski (or snowboard) unlimited powder runs all over the West, North and into Canada.
  • Bonnaroo. See Pearl Jam live. See a festival out of the country. A DJ Koze show. Beardyman live.
  • Ride a cutting horse. Compete in reined cowhorse competition. Show at Congress. Wait… own a horse.
  • Turn any children I have into little rippers immediately.
waterfall, nature, ice, winter
A Frozen Cucumber Falls – Ohiopyle, PA
trail, hike, trees, outdoors, woods
View from McCune Trail – Sugarloaf, PA

I can’t even fit most of my adventure dreams and travel lists into one bucket. I don’t even have one genre of bucket. Travel, adventure sports, horses, music… It’s all over the place. How can you ask me to fit THIS into a bucket? It’s a truckload.

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