Tri-State Resort Update

I am getting pretty restless and am ready to blow a lot of money on a trip out west right now. Unfortunately El Nino is hitting the East Coast with a nice bit of rain and high 50’s. If you’re really itching, resorts have been working hard to get something on the ground, so there’s a little something to play in.

So who’s open?
You’ve got the itch. Here’s who’s open as of Wednesday, December 23. If you’re reading after, click the links for updates.

  • Boyce Park, PA – you’ve never heard of this place? It’s a park located in Monroeville. Perfect for beginners, but I have no reporting info.
  • Seven Springs, PA – 4 trails / 4 lifts with (18″ base)
  • Hidden Valley, PA – 6 trails / 2 lifts (20″ base)
  • Blue Mountain, PA – 1 trail / 1 lift (10″ base)
  • Snowshoe, WV – 10 trails / 5 lifts, 2 / 1 at Silvercreek (23″ base)
  • Timberline, WV – 2 trails / 1 lift (20″ base)
  • Canaan Valley, WV – 6 trails / 2 lifts (8″ base)
  • Holiday Valley, NY – 2 trails / 2 lifts (3″ base according to Google)

Peek ‘n Peak is officially open on December 26! Blue KnobWisp and Mystic Mountain are still closed. Liberty and Whitetail are also closed.

Updated Lift Rate Roundup:
I tried to make this way easier to read, but failed…
New Mountains added! Blue Mountain and beginner-friendly areas.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.44.17 PM
I am an idiot and have Peek ‘n Peak in PA – it’s in New York. I always thought it was in Erie… looks like that might be my first ski day!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.44.34 PMDownload a Printable Version

I truly hope to see you out there very, very soon.

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