#ICE2017 Helping The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

I have been posting about local hiking since I started this blog and the @Christina_Skis social media handle. A fellow hiker and outdoor enthusiast, @HBFOutdoors, has created a team of other likeminded explorers in the area to create #ICE2017. Meaning Inspire, Connect and Experience the great outdoor recreation that western Pennsylvania has to offer.

I’ve put together a team of PA hikers and true outdoor enthusiasts for adventure and to give back to the outdoor community of Western Pennsylvania. We’ll be exploring various trails, sharing our adventures, volunteering, and inspiring others to connect with the outdoors for awesome experiences. – Brian Ford, HBFOutdoors

You can view the entire #ICE2017 team at hikebyfaith.com. Brian plans to end the season with a backpacking trip along the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail to raise support for the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Shelters Fund.

The Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail has provided 40 Adirondack style shelters to hikers for over 40 years. As a result, it has introduced many to a lifelong passion for backpacking. Some of these shelters are under restoration to working order. However, 2017 may be the last last year for four shelter areas. The Route 56, Grindle Ridge, Route 31, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike are in need.

     Finally, renewed hope comes in the form of a $10,000 grant from REI to restore these remaining shelters. Now, PA Parks & Forests is asking for your support. Still, there is $14,000 remaining in need to restore these remaining shelters. As of June 22, 2017, they have reached 14% of their goal.

How to Help

You can learn more about the shelters fund and donate, at the PA Parks & Forests Foundation.

Shelter images were taken with permission from the LHHT Facebook page.

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