Plus-Size Winter Gift Guide (Retailers to Keep in Mind)

Ten days ’til Christmas in 2020 means you should have ordered last week to get it in time to put under the tree, and Hanukkah is almost over. I’m sorry! But hey – regardless of the season, you can always gift yourself for skiing and snowboarding anytime, right?!

If you are a plus size skier or snowboarder, or even thinking about learning a snow sport, you probably have had trouble finding a jacket that zips or pants that button at local shops, and have most likely found yourself frustrated while searching online for something that doesn’t really exist on or other retailers. Believe me, I’ve had my own issues through the years. But, things are changing!

In the holiday spirit, I contacted two plus-size specific winter retailers and they gave me their favorite winter recommendations for both women and men. If you are looking for technical winter gear to keep you warm, read on…

Alpine Curves (USA)

“Our goal is to be your single source for plus size clothing and gear that fit the everyday woman for her outdoor lifestyle. It has been said that 67% of women in the US are over the size 14. With these kind of numbers the plus size woman IS the everyday woman. Every woman should be a be able to participate in any outdoor activity and not have to worry about what she needs to wear.” Visit Site →

Featured on Outside Online’s article “Hey, Outdoor Industry: We Need Plus-Size Ski Gear” – Read Here

Alpine Curves carries several brands for skiing: Obermeyer, DSG Outerwear, Pulse, and Arctix. However, they also offer gear for hunting, fishing, athletic wear, swimwear and more.

Kindra Roberts Recommends…

Visit @alpinecurves on Instagram

Kindra Roberts, CEO of Alpine Curves, says that she personally skis with a pair of the white Pulse Rider Pants and the Arcitx Bibs. “Last year I was on the higher end of a size 24 and these were the two that fit me really well,” she says. “I also got a super funky pair of suspenders off of Amazon for the pants because I really like having the straps to hold the pants up. When I ski, I usually do just one of those pants, my DSG Base Layer, and then my Wigwam socks. As an aside, those are my favorite ski/ snow board socks because they are the only ones that fit over my 18” calf and don’t cut off my circulation. This past year I rolled with the Boulder Gear jacket. It looked super sharp next to the white pants.”

  • BOULDER GEAR jackets are super technical and high end, although they have a unique sizing structure so be sure to do some research before purchase.

  • The DSG OUTERWEAR line is more of a Snowmobile brand but offers one of the most technical jackets Kindra had ever owned as a plus size woman. “There sizing is ON point and the quality is also amazing and worth the price.” Plus, they’re versatile! Inseams on all of DSG’s pants are adjustable and some bibs can even be converted to pants.

  • While OBERMEYER currently only goes up to size 22, they may release up to size 24 in 2021. This brand offers the latest tech, high quality and attention to detail. “The colors of the new Tuscany jackets is really incredible, the images do not do it justice,” Kindra says.

Plus Snow (Australia)

“We are dedicated to providing plus size men and women a great range of high-quality snow and outdoor gear designed to fit perfectly. We know that plus-sized snow gear is extremely difficult to find and is often poorly designed, making it a poor fit and uncomfortable. Plus Snow gear is specially designed for the plus size shape, not just those with extra-long arms and legs.” Visit Site →

Featured on the She Explores Podcast “Where is All the Plus-Size Snow Gear – Part 2” – Listen Here

Although in Australia, Plus Snow offers Free shipping on all orders over $150, including international. However, import duties, taxes and charges are still a thing. Check out their shipping FAQ here. Also cool to note they have rain gear available.

Mon Balon Recommends…

Mon Balon, Founder & CEO of Plus Snow, gives us recommendations for both men and women’s outerwear.

Follow @plussnow on Instagram
  • WOMEN’S WINTER JACKET – “My number 1 recommended jacket the Brooklyn, which is available in sizes 18-30. The high quality, beautiful supple stretch fabric is so comfortable to wear and emulates much more expensive jackets on every level. With all the high end features of ski jackets, venting, pockets, seam sealing, zoned insulation, stretch fabrics, powder skirts, the list goes on! Its to go-to jacket for recommendations, comes in a variety of colors (hello bright teal or candy pink as well as blueberry navy). It fits so many body shapes and customers are always happy with their purchase.”

  • WOMEN’S SNOW PANTS – “Cold, wet butts are a thing of the past with Cartel Canada pants available in sizes 18-30. Made from the same material as the Brooklyn jacket, the Canada pant is the same soft stretch insulated pant fabric with a 15/15 waterproof and breathable fabric with seam sealing. Designed for plus size bodies, with all the features and in luxurious fabric these pants come in a long and short style, and in neutral colors like light grey and sand to mix things up.”

  • MEN’S WINTER JACKET – “In men’s jackets I recommend the Bankso in army green with a highly waterproof and breathable rating, stretchy fabric and cool styling which will last years as a wardrobe staple. Also available in the black called the Baldy up to size mens 9XL.”

  • MEN’S SNOW PANTS – “The Cartel Arctic pants are perfect for men who’s pants always fall down! They have waist tabs and elastic around their waist in a cool wider leg style and stretchy soft fabric available in 3 colours!”

As I’ve been living on Instagram this year, I’ve stumbled across some great brands. Other size-inclusive retailers for all seasons are…

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